1How do I use mPos?

Watch our explainer video below.

2Where can I find your application for Android or iPhone?
Using your mobile phone, look for mPos on Google Play or iTunes. To download the app for Android click here. To download the app for iPhone click here.
3Do I need to register?
No. We make it simple for you. Just download the application on your smart phone and you are ready to go!
4How do I start trading?
Once you download the application, go to the "More" tab. Click on "Banking" where you will see your unique reference number and our banking details. Simply deposit money into any of our bank accounts using your unique reference number and your trading account will be credited automatically.
5How much does it cost?
Nothing! We actually save you money, or even make you money if you wish to sell airtime or electricity to your own clients.
6Do I have to have a Smart Phone?
Yes. You need to have an iPhone or Android phone (with Android Version 4.4 or better).
7Do I have to have a data plan?
No. You do however have to have an Android or iPhone device which is connected to the internet using Wi-Fi.
8Can I use my desktop or Windows phone?
Our mPos product is currently only available for iPhone and Android. If you want to use your desktop or Windows phone you should use or Mobile Vending Product. Go to www.IdealRetailer.com, select your country and then register for mobile vending.
9Will I always get the same discounted price?
Our intention is to give you the best price, but we can’t control the pricing from the networks and service providers. If their prices change your price will also change.
10Why is my trading account is not being topped up immediately?
Certain banks are slow to notify us of a deposit. Other banks (such as FNB) will only notify us if a deposit exceeds 100.00. If you are kept waiting, please send an email to help@clientonliesupport.com Be sure to include the details of your deposit.